Lyndhurst End Of Life and Hospice Care

Lyndhurst End Of Life and Hospice Care

New Jersey Hospice in Lyndhurst

We welcome you to Life Source Hospice’s page about our Lyndhurst hospice services. As a family member of a Lyndhurst resident or a provider in Lyndhurst, we know you value the importance of providing caring and compassionate end-of-life hospice treatment. Our website features information about our Lyndhurst nurses, our administrative staff, our volunteers, and more. Based in Paramus, we offer services throughout Bergen County and are mindful of the importance of having a local touch.

Facts about Lyndhurst New Jersey

Life Source hospice has compiled various interesting facts about Westwood, New Jersey, which could be helpful for learning more about hospice services in the area. Let us know if there are additional facts you would like to research or include.

  • Total Population: 19,390
  • Median resident age: 39.5 years old
  • Estimated per capita income: almost $35,312
  • Estimated median household income: almost $73,000
  • Median household price: $360,240

How do I get in touch with Life Source about hospice services in Lyndhurst?

A website can only show so much. To learn more about the compassion, care, and understanding that makes Life Source so special, please contact us using the methods below:

  1. By phone: We are available by phone at: 1.888.865.5103
  2. By email: We are available by email: contact@lifesourcehopsice.com
  3. By contact form: This is the fastest way to send us a message. Fill out any of our forms and we’ll contact you soon!

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