Life Source Services is dedicated to interdisciplinary care that aims to relieve suffering and improve the quality of life while simultaneously administering other appropriate treatments for patients with advanced, chronic, or life threatening illness. Our experienced and caring staff will work with your primary care provider to provide treatment to relieve pain and discomfort and add to your quality of life while your doctor treats your illness. Our services are an addition to you’re your current care plan and is covered by most insurance carriers as well as Medicare and Medicaid.

The Life Source nursing team takes the worry out of managing medications and help patients and their families better understand and follow a medical treatment plan. A health care professional is always available to help answer questions and concerns.

When illness strikes and your doctors treatment requires a lengthy recovery time, medication changes and side effects can be confusing and frightening. Life Source nurses will explain your doctors instructions in detail and as often as needed. Our goal is to help you and your family control your symptoms so they don’t control you. Your quality of life needs to continue to improve and there is no time limit on the services we provide.

Life Source Service's Palliative Program

We treat the whole person, meeting the patient's medical, emotional, spiritual and social needs. We involve family and friends as requested by the patient. We discuss flexible treatment goals with the patient and family members, allowing the patient to choose the appropriate treatments and therapies. We provide care along with the patient’s physicians and nurses while the patient is in the hospital. We coordinate a transition to inpatient hospice or home care/hospice as appropriate for the person and their family offer care alongside treatments that are meant to cure involve a team of professionals, including a physician, nurse practitioner, pharmacist and chaplain, as well as the following professionals: social worker, case manager, hospitalist, unit nurse and intensivist.

The Palliative Care Objective

Life Source Palliative Care program's objective are are to provide total active care for persons with advanced medical illness, especially those with chronic and progressive life limiting conditions. We help patients and their families live as fully and comfortably as possible and to reach each patient’s goals for a good quality of life. Those who live with serious illness may face some hard choices. It is a common experience for people to seek out specialists for assistance as they consider all available options. Experts from the life Source Palliative Care Program are available through a consult from the attending physician to help with difficult life issues

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