Life Source Services Hospice is a valuable resource for the community. We offer free, customized presentations on a variety of topics relevant to end stages of life. Education is a valuable tool for reducing stress during the difficult times you face. Any of our programs can be specially adapted for your group/facility.

We can also provide materials for your private study. Topics include: Alzheimer’s Disease, Grief and Loss, Hospice, Choosing Providers and many more. If we do not have a particular resource on hand, we can make recommendations for you.

  • Stress Reduction: A variety of relaxation techniques are reviewed and practiced, including breath and progressive muscle awareness.

  • Changing Communications: Conversations with dementia patients and the terminally ill can become difficult as their abilities change. This program offers effective techniques to help ease communications.

  • Coping with Grief and Loss: Outlines the grieving process and offers supportive resources for those experiencing losses in their personal/professional lives. Also discussed are the adjustments for meeting changing emotional needs.

How to prepare a basic legal document outlining your personal wishes for end of life care. Living Wills, DNR's and Medical Power of Attorney are also reviewed.
*Not presented by an attorney. This program is for general reference only.

As patients' conditions progress, the approach to medical care becomes highly specialized. This program discusses common physical and behavioral changes that occur and options for palliative treatment.